"Film-makers have done no more than inflict on us the most backward
looking dramas, great and small...therefore, all the immense artistic
possibilities of the cinema still rest entirely in the future. The
cinema, being essentially visual, must above all fulfill the evolution of
painting, detach itself from reality, from photography, from the graceful
and solemn. It must become antigraceful, deforming, impressionistic,
synthetic, dynamic, free-wording. " - The Futurists, 1916

Dancing out of Darkness is beautifully dark and dreamlike visual poem that uses Butoh and Modern Dance to explore inertia, spiritual emptiness, longing, and the soul's winding path towards healing, renewal and freedom.

Performed mostly at dusk amidst the striking beauty of California's Joshua Tree desert, and scored with layers of heavily effected guitar loops, circuit bent instruments, haunting vocals, and landscapes of found sound, Dancing out of Darkness will entrance those willing to slow down long enough to let it under their skin.

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