Q: How long did "Dancing out of Darkness" take to produce?

A: Several months of writing and idea generating, four weeks of rehearsal, two weeks of shooting, three months of editing, three months of scoring and recording the music.

Q: What was the process like?

A: It was an extraordinary experience for all of us. Dance is a very difficult thing to shoot, improvised dance, even more so. We went in with very strong ideas and directions, and then the dancers improvised the choreography on location; very much in the spirit of Butoh.

We used everything available to us. The lovely light of dusk, the amber glow of the mountains, the incredible wind, a forest of burnt trees.

Q: Where do I learn more about Butoh?

A: Visit Don's site for his excellent description and history of butoh:

Q: What kind of equipment did you use?

A: The "film" was shot in Digital Video and edited with Avid Xpress. We shot most of it with the Sony VX-2000, and ocassionally used a digital 8 Sony with night vision. The wide angle lens is by Canon.

Q: How did you produce the music?

A: JWD composed and recorded the soundtrack in several layers: live drums, acoustic instruments, vocals, and finally various effected found sounds. He recorded it in Joshua Tree, CA using Magix recording software, a favorite for it's simplicity and elegance.

Instruments ranged from drums, saxophone, acoustic guitars, electric guitars (sometimes played with an egg beater or other kitchen utencil), various circuit bent instruments, plenty of effects, and several human voices - the greatest instrument of all.

Finally, the voices of an ocassional pack of Coyotes appear at the perfect if they knew their cue - which, of course, they do.

Q:Where do I get the DVD?

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