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What people are saying about Dancing out of Darkness:

"The sense of the inescapable and enslaving qualities of life was communicated with great mastery. It was like watching a visual representation of the subconscious." - Barclay T., Poet, Teacher - California

"It was beautiful-- surreal and wondrous
and the dancing was just mesmerizing; the colors, the stillness and energy and emotions...
Laurie M. B.

"I was much taken with the filmic beauty...exquisitely painterly...a vast and painful journey in darkness, and a very slow metamorphosis towards emergence."
Yvonne D., Visual Artist, Therapist - Oregon

"I saw how we imprison ourselves out of fear...It moved me very much."
Charo C., Rebirther - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Extremely ambitious, colorful and moving. It's about hidden information stored in the DNA... I love the's about's about the fall of the West - or not, and I want to watch it again."
Danny W., Writer, Performance Artist - New York

"Jorge Davies is a brilliant cinematographer."
Annie R, Therapist, Poet - Los Angeles


About Don McLeod

"McLeod's voiceless, primal drama is beautiful . . ."
Hollywood Reporter

"McLeod is a master of movement...A living tabula rasa. "
LA Weekly Magazine

"The first Westerner I've seen, who performs with the same intensity as that of butoh's founder, Hijikata. McLeod creates a medium of primal unforgettable evening of butoh."
Katshioshi Matsubara
Mitsui Greenland Theatre
Kumamoto, Japan

"As the best movement artist we've seen . . . he reflects
a warm and winning personality which completely captured the attention of the sold-out concert series finale."

Washington State University

"His performance at UCLA provided an evening of
artistry rarely seen in live theatre today . . . great ambient
music and dance drama that makes one think.
There were no seats left . . . and the audience hung
on his every move . . ."

Los Angeles Free Press

"McLeod is a creative genius. He has taken a unique
art form and updated it into something of rare beauty."

The Newhall Signal

"Excitingly different . . . we were thrilled to have
Don McLeod on the show."

Jane Paley
NBC's Today Show

"McLeod is reminiscent of Kazuo Ohno."
Los Angeles Times

"The best I've ever seen . . . Thanks for a great show."
Jane Fonda

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